Full-Stack Software Engineer

March 2021 - Ongoing

Work on a small agile cross-functional squad that powers the user experience for the Hudl Focus autonomous camera as well as the backend to support the fleet of cameras.

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Level Five Solutions

UI Developer

August 2020 - March 2021

Implemented client websites with an intentional focus on user experience and the ultimate goal to create digital experiences for local favorites, big brands, and non-profits.

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Software Engineer Intern

May 2020 - July 2020

Developed and tested .NET Core microservices including back-end APIs, Kubernetes CronJobs, and RabbitMQ events that assist in various e-commerce related internal applications.

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In addition to my experience at the companies above, I also take great pride in my time as a student-athlete and how it has developed many of the skills that I have been able to bring to industry.

  • Time management is a skill I have had to develop, balancing up to 15 credit hours, investing more than 20 hours a week in football-related activities, and managing other development opportunities whenever else possible.
  • Communication and collaboration with a diverse group of student-athletes and staff members has also aided greatly in my personal development, which has furthered my leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Above all, being a student-athlete has taught me invaluable lessons about discipline and hardwork, two qualities I strive to carry everywhere I go.
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I use GitHub for all of my Git needs including personal projects and larger class assignments. Check out my repositories below! Fetched using the GitHub GraphQL API

A side-project to integrate NextJS and Notion using the Notion API and Tailwind CSS

0Created: 12/22/2021

Landing page for Athlete Branding & Marketing LLC - See it Live

TypeScript JavaScript
0Created: 9/13/2021

The official website of the pipehogs, offensive linemen from Nebraska. - See it Live

TypeScript JavaScript
0Created: 8/21/2021
CSS JavaScript PLpgSQL
0 MIT LicenseCreated: 8/15/2021
CSS JavaScript
0Created: 7/2/2021

NextJS website for the Athletes Unfiltered podcast - See it Live

TypeScript JavaScript
0Created: 6/8/2021

Udemy course teaching the complete guide to building an app from start to finish using ASP.NET Core, React (with Typescript) and Mobx

C# HTML CSS TypeScript
0Created: 4/3/2021
JavaScript CSS
0Created: 3/16/2021

A personal URL shortener built with Netlify, inspired by Kent C. Dobbs. - See it Live

0Created: 1/27/2021
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